Bluearth is a non-for-profit organisation that promote mental health and wellbeing through physical activity and mindfulness. Programs, such as Bluearth, help build social, physical and mental wellbeing and are extremely valuable to schools, as a result.  


As a Special School, we do our utmost to support positive engagement, mental health and readiness to learn, as well as promoting the capacity of all of our students to be mindful of self and others. We know that education is the key to supporting our young people towards a more prosperous future. Bluearth certainly compliments this work, as our students are more respectful, motivated and happy on the days that they experience a Bluearth session. They look forward to participating in Bluearth with their Coach and our participating Rosamond School Staff. 


Our program runs fortnightly and engages students in the Secondary section of our school on a selected day with their Bluearth coach and relevant Rosamond staff. Many of our school teaching staff are also working through the requirements to become accredited coaches in the approach.


Included are some activities that you can try at home.



Activity One


Activity Two


Activity Three


Activity Four


Activity Five


Activity Six